If you’ve been subscribing to my newsletter for a while, you’ve probably heard me say that I keep my meditation practice simple. When I overly complicate it with rules, I tend to avoid it. Some people do very well with structure, and that’s great! Setting a firm time, place, and position for a daily meditation is awesome. For me, I prefer to keep it loose. I make sure to take time everyday, but my practice varies. Sometimes it’s in the morning, sometimes it’s at night. Sometimes it’s in my car, most times it’s on my mat in my loft. Sometimes I lay down, sometimes I sit up. I let my practice flow with my mood and my needs. The variety and lack of restraints work for me.

I like sharing my practice but, not because I think you should do as I do. I share it because I want you to know that there are options. I’m a big fan of doing what works for you. Experiment, change it up, innovate, or mimic until you find something that sticks. Just try to be patient with yourself and the process, even if you feel like you are failing. Trust me, you’re not!

Lots of students have told me that they find it hard to get comfortable for meditation. Many of them feel like they need to sit up in a cross-legged position because that is the most popular image of meditation that they see on social media or elsewhere. Let’s talk about an alternate seated pose that might work better for you than the traditional cross-legged position.

This is virasana (hero’s pose) on a block. This pose is comfortable for me because my hips and back don’t have to work hard to keep me upright. Note that it might not be comfortable for those who have limited range of motion in the knees and/or ankles. Curious? Give it a try! I’ll be sharing more meditation poses in upcoming newsletters.