Need help growing your yoga business? You’re answer is probably “yes” because you never learned how during teacher training. That’s where I come in.

My coaching program will help you:

  • Start your business from scratch OR revive & grow your current business.
  • Make REAL money teaching yoga.
  • Find independent gigs (think private, corporate, etc.).
  • Market yourself & not hate it.
  • Determine your best rate & how to stick to it.
  • Connect deeper with your students so they keep coming back.
  • And so much more I can’t list it all.

The process starts with my clarity quiz, which will make your goals crystal clear. From there, I’ll show you how to smash those goals. CLICK HERE to view my packages.

If I don’t feel that I can help you with your specific needs, don’t worry, I won’t take your money. Contact me with any questions.