I am a certified yoga instructor located in South Florida who has a strong passion to encourage folks to move using yoga and other methods of body movement. I first discovered yoga years ago when I was looking for a way to de-stress from my fast-paced corporate job. I found myself in a quaint yoga studio in Central Jersey (where I grew up) having no idea what to expect. I struggled through my first class and made it all the way to savasana (final relaxation at the end of class). From then on, I was hooked. I discovered that yoga not only gave me a much-needed break from my hectic life, but it also calmed my mind and helped me remain in the present. My passion for the practice grew, and I soon found myself signing up for my first teacher training with YogaWorks. After countless hours of training, studying, and hard work, I became a 500 hour certified yoga instructor (CYT 500). My favorite part about teaching is helping students learn more about their bodies and how to move in a safe and practical way.

My teaching style is alignment-focused, informative, and fun. I can accommodate any level of yoga, whether the student is a novice looking to start a practice, or an advanced practitioner looking to perfect a handstand. I work well with injuries and other health conditions (please get permission from a medical professional before beginning a yoga practice). I incorporate self- massage techniques using Yoga Tune Up Therapy balls to help soften muscles, and relieve pain caused by deep knots.